Image by Anna Earl


Thank you for your financial support of the ministry of Holyrood Community Church. Your generous donations allow us to reach our vision to be a welcoming community that desires to know and share the love of Jesus.

In addition to giving in person during any of our services, you can also choose to give via email money transfer or credit card.  Information on both of these methods can be found below.


If you use internet banking, sending an email money transfer is easy and Holyrood Church will not be charged any processing fees.  To make an e-transfer follow the instructions below:

  1. Log into your online or mobile banking app and select the account.

  2. Navigate to the menu for transferring funds.

  3. Select e-transfer (sometime noted as "Send money in Canada")

  4. In the "To" section of the transfer enter the email address:

  5. Enter the amount you would like to give (Holyrood Church has set up auto deposit, so no security question is required).

  6. Review your details and select send money.


Credit Card Giving

When giving through a credit card, Holyrood Community Church uses Moneris as a credit card processor. 

To give through credit card, enter the amount you would like to give and click proceed.  You will then be directed to fill out a form with the appropriate information.

  Please note that, in accordance with Canada Revenue Agency requirements, donations cannot be refunded.